Failure Analysis Training Class

failure analysis training class structure
Class Structure

Utilizing experienced engineering instructors and hands-on examples of failed components, the 3-day class sessions are designed for students with varying backgrounds. The course fosters learning and development by:

  • Reaching a common understanding of the multiple causes that contribute to all failures.
  • Raising awareness of the prevalence and pervasive nature of human error.
  • Introducing some basic physics and material properties.
  • Applying these basic concepts to specific mechanical components and machinery types.
  • Reinforcing classroom learning with extensive hands-on failure analysis.
Concepts Inspection Methods Components
Practical Plant Physics Preventive Maintenance Fasteners
Basics of Materials Predictive Maintenance Pumps
Failure Mechanisms & Appearances Vibration Analysis Gears
Corrosion   V-Belts
Lubrication   Synchronous Belts
Wear Mechanisms   Chains and Sprockets
    Couplings and Alignment