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Applied Techical Services stands as one of North America's leading engineering firms with extensive testing and inspection capabilities.
For more information on our services ATS provides an assortment of PDF brochures for download.

Automotive Testing
Aviation Inspection
Chemical Analysis
Company Overview
Digital Radiography
Eddy Current
Engineering Services
Environmental Testing
Failure Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
Fire Investigation
Forensic Services
Heat Treatment
weld heat treatment
Industrial Rope Access
IT Solutions
Materials Testing
Mechanical Testing
NDT Field & Lab
NDT Outages
NDT Overview
NDT Pulp & Paper
NDT Training
Nuclear Industry
Plant Failure Analysis
Polymer Testing
Power Generation
Power Gen QA
Product Testing
Quality Assurance
Reliability Engineering
Safety Engineering
Seismic Testing
Structural Eng.
Tank Inspection
Ultrasonic Testing
Visual Inspection